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Ability to add a new patient


We should be able to add a new patient. The patient will have the following attributes
  • First name (Required, max 50 characters)
  • Last name (Required, max 50 characters)
  • Medical Record Number (Required, Max 20 characters)
  • Date of birth
  • Age (Should be not editable if DOB is present, Cannot be more than 200 years and cannot be negative)
  • Gender (Male/Female/Unknown)
  • Home address
    • Street Address 1 (Max 200 characters)
    • Street Address 2 (Max 200 characters)
    • City (Max 50 characters)
    • State (Max 50 characters)
    • Zip code (Max 15 characters)
  • Home phone (Max 30 characters)
  • Cell phone (Max 30 characters)
    We will improve on that to add the patients past medical history and others in a later requirement.